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Search For Registry
Search for a registry by using the name of your host.

How it Works

It is quick and easy for hosts to use Wellwisher:

Create an account (free) and Sign In.
Create a registry (free)
Invite guests to view a registry

As soon as guests contribute towards gifts, you can receive gift contributions by withdrawing funds
You can sit back and enjoy your event as everyone is happy (quick, easy, safe & secure)

It is quick and easy for guests to use User Well Wishers Club to provide gifts:
Once you have a "registry number" from the host of the event, you can view the registry
Note: if you do not already have an account on User Well Wishers Club then you can create an account (free)
Once you have decided what gift(s) you would like to contribute towards, you can contribute towards the gift(s) (quickly, easily, safely and securely)
You can save time (not having to rush around to organise a present), and know that you host is happy (as they are getting what they need/want).